Motorcycle Diaries

Ernesto Guevara’s travel diaries, transcribed by Che’s Personal Archive in Havana,* recount the
trials, vicissitudes and tremendous adventure of a young man’s journey of discovery through Latin
America. Ernesto began writing these diaries when, in December 1951, he set off with his friend
Alberto Granado on their long-awaited trip from Buenos Aires, down the Atlantic coast of Argentina,
across the pampas, through the Andes and into Chile, and from Chile northward to Peru and
Colombia and finally to Caracas.
These experiences were later rewritten by Ernesto himself in narrative form, offering the reader
a deeper insight into Che’s life, especially at a little known stage, and revealing details of his
personality, his cultural background and his narrative skill — the genesis of a style which develops
in his later works. The reader can also witness the extraordinary change which takes place in him
as he discovers Latin America, gets right to its very heart and develops a growing sense of a Latin
American identity, ultimately making him a precursor of the new history of America.
Aleida March
Che’s Personal Archive
Havana, Cuba, 1993