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Humans are real Aliens ?

We are ruling the earth, we are dominating on all the animals. May be we lost physical appearance due to environment changes. We are moving planet to planet like our imaginary Aliens. Some have suggested that aliens used gold in their atmosphere to reflect the sun’s rays and preserve their planet.Humans and Aliens have same desire, i.e liking of gold.


This has been a long standing theory when Martians and our history are talked about.  Could it be possible that we are created beings from a race of aliens that once lived on the Martian planet?  Observing the past orbits of our planets it could be possible that the Martian surface supported life and that this civilization created humans through genetic alteration.  In this theory we ask, what happened to this advance race of aliens and why didn’t they stay on earth if their planet was no longer habitable?  Obviously these are questions that will always elude us unless we find solid evidence in the form of artifacts and/or archaeological evidence on the planet Mars.  Perhaps an advance alien race found a more suitable planet else where in the Milkyway Galaxy and they left our solar system.  Wherever they went, the mystery remains here on earth and all we can do is theorize about what happened.face_E03-00824_proc_50perc

It has always been believed that if there was a race of aliens (Martians)  on the planet Mars they would have been technologically advanced and superior than our current civilization; however, theory number two would suggest that Martians were at somewhat close to our modern age technology and knowledge.  This would make a mission to save their race from a dying planet very difficult in means of preserving everything they have amounted.  Picture a civilization with a technology like that of the 1960 space program.  Could such a civilization land on earth (where more humans could have existed) and re-establish a technologically advance civilization again?  Perhaps they did and our technological advancements have been knowledge that has once existed and we are once again beginning to perfect it.

Our interest in Mars is one of “home sickness” and our desire to re-visit our past.  If we truly are “beings” that came from Mars long ago, then we are the descendants of the Martian people and going to Mars to seek our history becomes more than just a journey into the Solar System, but rather, our historic duty and obligation.


Remember the scene from War of the Worlds where an alien race comes to earth and sucks up and consumes all the animals, now reflect on the last time you were in the supermarket with all the people buying up conveniently packaged meat grown and slaughtered in factories. Then picture all the destruction and pollution caused by humans and human development, growing exponentially…A bit like cancer in the body. We humans are a cold, ruthless animal hell bent at our own self satisfaction forsaking all other life forms…If thats not alien in an environment so perfectly in balance then I don’t know what is.

Mars_Building-270x270Mars_Building-270x270  Building On Mars Ancient Civilization